Java8 Lists return element or null

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I have this piece of code, where I want to return an element if present, otherwise null

List<String> myList = new ArrayList<>(); myList.add("Test"); myList.add("Example"); myList.add("Sth");  String str =             .filter(x -> x.equals("eee"))             .findFirst()             .orElseGet(null); 

but I got an Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NullPointerException anyway


orElseGet takes a supplier. You want to use orElse:


It doesn't make much sense to use a supplier to return null, but if you were to, it would look like:

.findFirst().orElseGet(() -> null); //if argument is null, you get the NPE 

The JavaDocs of orElseGet (thanks to bambam's comment for the addition) mention it:

NullPointerException - if value is not present and other is null


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