Is auto* useful at compile time or is the auto keyword enough?

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Since the auto keyword gets the class type at compile time I was wondering if there is any efficency at all when using auto* or if there is any particular use for that expression, because auto will already get the pointer type when compiling.


None of this “newfangled C++11” has anything to do with efficient compilation, except in very odd corner cases. It’s all there to make it easier for humans to write and comprehend the code. auto* makes it obvious that you have a pointer-typed value, and the compiler only uses it as an additional typecheck criterion, and will issue a diagnostic if the type is not a pointer type – your code is then malformed and it’s a hard error.

I don’t recall offhand if auto* can ever participate as a disambiguator in type deduction, but if it did, that would be the technical reason to use it. Language lawyer, is there a language lawyer on board? :)

Most properly designed projects – even huge ones – should recompile quickly after changes, it’s a matter of proper partitioning of the code and having development builds that leverage such partitioning.


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