Native-base not working with react-native 0.57.1?

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Using :

  • react-native-cli: 2.0.1
  • react-native: 0.57.1
  • native-base: ^2.9.2

What I have done :

1 : expo-cli init test

When prompted, I chose to create a blank project.

2 : cd test

3 : npm install --save native-base

4 : npm install --save @expo/vector-icons

Then I import and use native-base Text component in App.js

Here is the error I get when building the app :

Unable to resolve "@expo/vector-icons/FontAwesome5" from "node_modules/native-base/dist/src/basic/IconNB.js"

Any suggestion or is it a known issue ? Am I doing it wrong ?


Eureka !

I downgraded native base to version to 2.8.2 and it works.

npm install --save native-base@2.8.2 

Found it here :


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