How to separate a php array items by prefix

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I want to separate a PHP array when they have a common prefix.

$data = ['status.1', 'status.2', 'status.3',          'country.244', 'country.24', 'country.845',          'pm.4', 'pm.9', 'pm.6']; 

I want each of them in separate variables like $status, $countries, $pms which will contain:

$status = [1,2,3]; $country = [244, 24, 845] $pms = [4,9,6] 

My Current code is taking 1.5 seconds to group them:

$statuses = []; $countries = []; $pms = []; $start = microtime(true); foreach($data as $item){     if(strpos($item, 'status.') !== false){         $statuses[]= substr($item,7);     }      if(strpos($item, 'country.') !== false){         $countries[]= substr($item,8);     }      if(strpos($item, 'pm.') !== false){         $pms[]= substr($item,3);     } } $time_elapsed_secs = microtime(true) - $start; print_r($time_elapsed_secs); 

I want to know if is there any faster way to do this


This will give you results for more dynamic prefixs - first explode with the delimiter and then insert by the key to result array.

For separating the value you can use: extract

Consider the following code:

$data = array('status.1','status.2','status.3', 'country.244', 'country.24', 'country.845', 'pm.4','pm.9', 'pm.6');  $res = array(); foreach($data as $elem) {     list($key,$val) = explode(".", $elem, 2);     if (array_key_exists($key, $res))         $res[$key][] = $val;     else $res[$key] = array($val);  } extract($res); // this will seperate to var with the prefix name  echo "Status is: " . print_r($status); // will output array of ["1","2","3"] 

This snippet took less the 0.001 second...


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