How to get the new value of new replaced string?

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Im still new at java. Is there a way to get the new string that have been replaced ?

import*; public class Test {      public static void main(String args[]) {         String str = new String("wew");         System.out.println(str.replaceAll("w", "61"));         System.out.println(str.replaceAll("e", "31"));     } } 

output: 61e61 w31w

desired new output:613161

i want to get the output string '61e61' then replaced the 'e' to '31'


You can chain replaceAll as:

System.out.println(str.replaceAll("w", "61").replaceAll("e", "31")); 

Currently, you're returning two different strings with both your print statements.

System.out.println(str.replaceAll("w", "61")); // returns new string '61e61' System.out.println(str.replaceAll("e", "31")); // returns new string 'w31w' 


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