Incorporate C library function into Perl6 with NativeCall

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I am attempting to use lgamma from C's math.h in Perl6.

How can I incorporate this into Perl6?

I have tried

use NativeCall;  sub lgamma(num64 --> num64) is native(Str) {};  say lgamma(3e0);  my $x = 3.14; say lgamma($x); 

This works for the first number (a Str) but fails for the second, $x, giving the error:

This type cannot unbox to a native number: P6opaque, Rat   in block <unit> at pvalue.p6 line 8 

I want to do this very simply, like in Perl5: use POSIX 'lgamma'; and then lgamma($x) but I don't see how to do that in Perl6.


The errors with native values isn't always clear.

Basically it is saying that a Rat isn't a Num.

3.14 is a Rat. (Rational)

say 3.14.^name; # Rat say 3.14.nude.join('/'); # 157/50 

You could just always coerce the value to Num everytime you call it.

lgamma( $x.Num ) 

That doesn't seem so great.

I would just wrap the native sub in another one that coerces all Real numbers to Num.
(Real is all Numeric except Complex)

sub lgamma ( Num(Real) /n --> Num ){   use NativeCall;   sub lgamma (num64 --> num64) is native {}    lgamma( n ) }  say lgamma(3);    # 0.6931471805599453 say lgamma(3.14); # 0.8261387047770286 


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