In java 8+ are only single argument method reference permitted in a stream

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Is it true to say that in a Stream in Java 8, you can only use method references that take a single argument (if you disallow wrapping the method reference with a method call)?

I assume so because in a stream at any time you are processing a single item.


  • Something::new (must refer to a single arg constructor)
  • this::doSomething (must take a single arg)
  • Something::doSomething (must take a single arg)

...when used in a Stream. Is this rule always true?


No, it's not. Some of the Stream methods take functional interfaces having a method with multiple arguments.

For example, Stream's sorted(Stream<T> Comparator<? super T> comparator) method, takes a Comparator, whose method has two arguments.

Here's an example of using a method reference - String::compareTo - of a method having two arguments:


Stream's Optional<T> max(Comparator<? super T> comparator) method is another similar example.


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