Javascript reverse alphabet

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so I've been messing around with the .replace() function lately and wanted to make it reverse whatever the user inputs. (Aka a -> z, A -> Z, b -> y, B -> Y, ...)

I'm using function stacking, so I just added .replace().replace()... for every letter, but of course that won't work since whenever it hits n, it will begin to reverse all the progress and I end up with an inaccurate translation. Any idea how I can work around this, since as far as I know, JS doesn't have a .reverse() function like Python?

In case you need it, here's my code

//replacing letters lettertext = ttext.replace("a", "z") .replace("A", "Z") .replace("b", "y") .replace("B", "y") .replace("c", "x") .replace("C", "X") .replace("d", "w") .replace("D", "W") .replace("e", "v") .replace("E", "V") .replace("f", "u") .replace("F", "U") .replace("g", "t") .replace("G", "T") .replace("h", "s") .replace("H", "S") .replace("i", "r") .replace("I", "R") .replace("j", "q") .replace("J", "Q") .replace("k", "p") .replace("K", "P") .replace("l", "o") .replace("L", "O") .replace("m", "n") .replace("M", "N") .replace("n", "m") .replace("N", "M") .replace("o", "l") .replace("O", "L") .replace("p", "k") .replace("P", "K") .replace("q", "j") .replace("Q", "J") .replace("r", "i") .replace("R", "I") .replace("s", "h") .replace("S", "H") .replace("t", "g") .replace("T", "G") .replace("u", "f") .replace("U", "F") .replace("v", "e") .replace("V", "E") .replace("w", "d") .replace("W", "D") .replace("x", "c") .replace("X", "C") .replace("y", "b") .replace("Y", "B") .replace("z", "a") .replace("Z", "A") .replace("ä", "ß") .replace("Ä", "ẞ") .replace("ö", "ü") .replace("Ö", "Ü") .replace("ü", "ö") .replace("Ü", "Ö") .replace("ß", "ä") .replace("ẞ", "Ä") 


You could take a hash table for the pairs and map new character or the original character if not available in the hash table.

function replace(string) {     var code = { "a": "z", "A": "Z", "b": "y", "B": "y", "c": "x", "C": "X", "d": "w", "D": "W", "e": "v", "E": "V", "f": "u", "F": "U", "g": "t", "G": "T", "h": "s", "H": "S", "i": "r", "I": "R", "j": "q", "J": "Q", "k": "p", "K": "P", "l": "o", "L": "O", "m": "n", "M": "N", "n": "m", "N": "M", "o": "l", "O": "L", "p": "k", "P": "K", "q": "j", "Q": "J", "r": "i", "R": "I", "s": "h", "S": "H", "t": "g", "T": "G", "u": "f", "U": "F", "v": "e", "V": "E", "w": "d", "W": "D", "x": "c", "X": "C", "y": "b", "Y": "B", "z": "a", "Z": "A", "ä": "ß", "Ä": "ẞ", "ö": "ü", "Ö": "Ü", "ü": "ö", "Ü": "Ö", "ß": "ä", "ẞ": "Ä" };     return Array.from(string, c => code[c] || c).join(''); }  console.log(replace('Übermut2019')); // 'Öyvinfg2019' console.log(replace('Öyvinfg2019')); // 'Übermut2019'


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