How can I rebuild an edited perl6 module that I've downloaded?

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I've installed Time::Duration and it failed most of its tests. I want to be able to rebuild the module - with my edits - from the locally stored module.

I edited the file that contains the module (that corresponds to Duration.pm6):


And then try building via it's json file:

zef --debug build ~/.perl6/dist/83839D8D315EEDEDFEAF211EE42E8D936ACE29CB 

This returns:

===> # SKIP: No need to build Time::Duration:ver<2.00> !!!> Build failure: ~/.perl6/dist/83839D8D315EEDEDFEAF211EE42E8D936ACE29CB at ~/.perl6/dist 

I was hoping that this would rebuild the module with the change I made to the source.

Have I done this wrong, or am I going about this entirely wrong?


As it has been noted already you should not modify installed files. However, the workflow for testing changes of some module is pretty straight forward.


# Fetch and extract the distribution, then change into its directory. # If the distribution is still in zef's local file cache then it will # skip the fetch and extraction steps.  zef look Time::Duration 


At this point you can edit any of the files you wish.


# test your changes without reinstalling (assumes all dependencies are installed) zef test .  # Reinstall the modified version of Time::Duration using one of the following: zef install . --force-install zef uninstall Time::Duration && zef install . 


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