Call a member of an object with arguments

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function whatever(object, methodName, args) {   return object[methodName](...args); } 

Can the above be typed so the the following is enforced:

  • methodName is a key of object.
  • object[methodName] is callable and its args are ...args.
  • The return type of whatever(object, methodName, args) is the return type of object[methodName](...args).

The closest thing I could find is the definition of function.apply, but it isn't quite the same as the above.


I think this does the trick:

function callMethodWithArgs<   M extends keyof T,   T extends { [m in M]: (...args: Array<any>) => any },   F extends T[M] >(obj: T, methodName: M, args: Parameters<F>) {   return obj[methodName](...args) as ReturnType<F>; } 

Requires TS 3 though!


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