Valid Supplier for collect method of stream

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I was just trying to create somewhat similar to Collectors.toList() of my own but it doesn't seem to work

import java.util.ArrayList;  public class ShipmentTracingDTO {  boolean destination = false;  public ShipmentTracingDTO(Boolean destination) {     this.destination = destination; }  public ShipmentTracingDTO() { }  public static void main(String[] args) {     ArrayList<ShipmentTracingDTO> tracings = new ArrayList<>();     tracings.add(new ShipmentTracingDTO(true));     tracings.add(new ShipmentTracingDTO(true));     tracings.add(new ShipmentTracingDTO(false));     tracings.add(new ShipmentTracingDTO(false));     ArrayList<ShipmentTracingDTO> newTracings = new ArrayList<>();  // Error coming for ArrayList::new : The constructed object of type ArrayList is  //incompatible with the descriptor's return type: R, (left, right) -> left.add(right), (left, right) -> {         left.addAll(right);         return left;     }); }  private boolean getDestination() {      return destination; } 


My question is if ArrayList::new doesn't work here, what will work. I tried different variation but none seems to work


Just change it like so,, (left, right) -> left.add(right), (left, right) -> {     left.addAll(right); }); 

What you need is a BiConsumer NOT a BinaryOperator. What you are passing above is a BinaryOperator.

Here's an example BinaryOperator.

BinaryOperator<List<Integer>> s = (left, right) -> {             left.addAll(right);             return left; }; 

As a good engineering practice, always prefer method references to lambdas. So here's the enhanced version using method references in place of lambdas., List::add, List::addAll); 


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