Regular Expression for separating strings enclosed in parentheses [duplicate]

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I have a String that contains 2 or 3 company names each enclosed in parentheses. Each company name can also contains words in parentheses. I need to separate them using regular expressions but didn't find how.

My inputStr:

(Motor (Sport) (racing) Ltd.) (Motorsport racing (Ltd.)) (Motorsport racing Ltd.) or  (Motor (Sport) (racing) Ltd.) (Motorsport racing (Ltd.)) 

The expected result is:

str1 = Motor (Sport) (racing) Ltd. str2 = Motorsport racing (Ltd.) str3 = Motorsport racing Ltd. 

My code:

String str1, str2, str3; Pattern p = Pattern.compile("//((.*?)//)"); Matcher m = p.matcher(inputStr); int index = 0; while(m.find()) {      String text =;     text = text != null && StringUtils.countMatches(text, "(") != StringUtils.countMatches(text, ")") ? text + ")" : text;      if (index == 0) {         str1= text;     } else if (index == 1) {         str2 = text;     } else if (index == 2) {         str3 = text;     }      index++; } 

This works great for str2 and str3 but not for str1.

Current result:

str1 = Motor (Sport) str2 = Motorsport racing (Ltd.) str3 = Motorsport racing Ltd. 

So we can assume that the parentheses can nest at most two levels deep. So we can do it without too much magic. I would go with this code:

List<String> matches = new ArrayList<>(); Pattern p = Pattern.compile("//([^()]*(?://([^()]*//)[^()]*)*//)"); Matcher m = p.matcher(inputStr); while (m.find()) {     String fullMatch =;     matches.add(fullMatch.substring(1, fullMatch.length() - 1)); } 


  • First we match a parenthesis: //(
  • Then we match some non-parenthesis characters: [^()]*
  • Then zero or more times: (?:...)* we will see some stuff within parentheses, and then some non-parentheses again:
  • //([^()]*//)[^()]* - it's important that we don't allow any more parentheses within the inside parentheses
  • And then the closing parenthesis comes: //)
  •; returns the actual full match.
  • fullMatch.substring(1, fullMatch.length() - 1) removes the parentheses from the start and the end. You could do it with another group too. I just didn't want to make the regex uglier.


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