Python create order from smaller packages

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The input is an integer that specifies the amount to be ordered. There are predefined package sizes that have to be used to create that order.


Packs 3 for $5 5 for $9 9 for $16 

for an input order 13 the output should be:

 2x5 + 1x3 

So far I've the following approach

remaining_order = 13 package_numbers = [9,5,3] required_packages = []  while remaining_order > 0:     found = False     for pack_num in package_numbers:         if pack_num <= remaining_order:             required_packages.append(pack_num)             remaining_order -= pack_num             found = True             break      if not found:         break 

But this will lead to the wrong result

1x9 + 1x3 remaining: 1 


You can use itertools.product:

import itertools remaining_order = 13 package_numbers = [9,5,3] required_packages = [] a=min([x for i in range(1,remaining_order+1//min(package_numbers)) for x in itertools.product(package_numbers,repeat=i)],key=lambda x: abs(sum(x)-remaining_order)) remaining_order-=sum(a) print(a) print(remaining_order) 


(5, 5, 3) 0 

This simply does the below steps:

  1. Get value closest to 13, in the list with all the product values.

  2. Then simply make it modify the number of remaining_order.


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