Transform a List<Object> to a Map<String,Integer> such that the String is not a duplicate value using Java 8 Streams

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We have a Student class as follows:

class Student{     private int marks;     private String studentName;      public int getMarks() {         return marks;     }      public void setMarks(int marks) {         this.marks = marks;     }      public String getStudentName() {         return studentName;     }      public void setStudentName(String studentName) {         this.studentName = studentName;     }      public Student(String studentName, int marks) {         this.marks = marks;         this.studentName = studentName;     }  } 

We have a LIST of Students as follows :

List<Student> studentList = new ArrayList<>(); studentList.add(new Student("abc", 30)); studentList.add(new Student("Abc", 32)); studentList.add(new Student("ABC", 35)); studentList.add(new Student("DEF", 40)); 

This List needs to be converted into a HashMap<String,Integer> such that:

  1. the map does not contain any duplicate Student
  2. if a duplicate student name is found, his marks shall be added with the previous occurrence.

So the output should be : {ABC = 67, DEF = 40}

I have tried to solve this issue as follows:

Map<String,Integer> studentMap =             .collect(                     Collectors.toMap(                             student->student.getStudentName().toLowerCase(),                             student -> student.getMarks(),                             (s1,s2) -> s1,                             LinkedHashMap::new                             )             ); 

But the merge function does not allow me to concatenate the marks and this returns the output as

So the output should be : {abc= 30, DEF = 40}

Can someone suggest an efficient solution for this?


An alternative solution is to use groupingBy with summingInt:

Map<String, Integer> studentMap =                .collect(Collectors.groupingBy(s -> s.getStudentName().toLowerCase(),                                               Collectors.summingInt(Student::getMarks))); 


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