accessing Clojure's thread-first macro arguments

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I was wondering if there was a way to access the arguments value of a thread-first macro in Clojure while it is being executed on. for example:

(def x {:a 1 :b 2}) (-> x     (assoc :a 20) ;; I want the value of x after this step     (assoc :b (:a x))) ;; {:a 20, :b 1} 

It has come to my attention that this works:

(-> x      (assoc :a 20)      ((fn [x] (assoc x :b (:a x))))) ;; {:a 20, :b 20} 

But are there any other ways to do that?


You can use as->:

(let [x {:a 1 :b 2}]     (as-> x it         (assoc it :a 20)                                                      (assoc it :b (:a it))))  


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