How to count method calls by instance

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I have following Code.

public interface Animal{      void eat(); }  public class Lion implements Animal{      @Override     public void eat() {         System.out.println("Lion can eat");     }     public static void main(String[] args) {          Animal lion = new Lion();;;;     } } 

as you can see I am calling eat() thrice. How can I calculate how many times it is called?

Note that, you can not modify eat() method from class Lion


You could use Decorator Pattern with Animal interface and your Lion instance:

public class EatingDecorator implements Animal {   private Animal target;   private int counter;    public EatingDecorator(Animal target) { = target;   }    @Override   public void eat() {;     counter++;   }    public int getCounter() {     return counter;   } } 

and then apply it

Animal lion = new EatingDecorator(new Lion());;;; System.out.println(((EatingDecorator) lion).getCounter()); // 3 


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