Can you set a method to a variable?

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Is it possible to do something like this in Java

private ? /* (I dont know what Class to use) */ shortcutToMethod = redundantMethod(game.getGraphics()); 

So instead of calling redundantMethod(game.getGraphics().doThisMethod());

I could just do shortCutToMethod.doThisMethod();

Is this possible?


In Java, there are various ways. If you take a look at java.util.function package, you can see

  • Function: Takes one argument, produces one result
  • Consumer: Takes one argument, produces nothing.
  • BiConsumer: Takes two arguments, produces nothing.
  • Supplier: Takes no argument, produces one result.
  • Predicate: Boolean value function of one argument

You can used them as inputs for your method and execute it within.


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