How to make perl6 die on undefined values?

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I am attempting to work with a hash in Perl6, but when I put some fake values into it (intentionally) like

say %key<fake_key>; 

I get


but I want the program to die in such occurrences, as Perl5 does, because this implies that important data is missing.

For example,

#!/usr/bin/env perl  use strict; use warnings 'FATAL' => 'all'; use autodie qw(:all);  my %hash; print "$hash{y}/n"; 

as of 5.26.1 produces

Use of uninitialized value $hash{"y"} in concatenation (.) or string at line 8. Command exited with non-zero status 255 

How can I get the equivalent of use warnings 'FATAL' => 'all' and use autodie qw(:all) in Perl6?


You can create a role to do this. A simple version would be :

role KeyRequired {      method AT-KEY( /key ) {          die "Key {key} not found" unless self.EXISTS-KEY(key);          nextsame;      }  }; 

Then you create your hash with : my %key does KeyRequired; and it will die if you request a non existent key.


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