How to loop list object and getting it's element by index?

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I'm trying to migrate a function from java 7 to java8 but i'm stucked over getting the value of the indexed element while looping a list. What is the good way to do this ?

here is the code that i'm trying to migrate:

List<Employe> listEmploye = new ArrayList<>(); for(int i=0; i< ids.size();i++) {   Long idLong = Long.valueOf(ids.get(i));   BigDecimal idBig= BigDecimal.valueOf(idLong);   listEmploye.add(findByIdPointage(idBig)); } 


You can use Stream API to map your collection:

List<Employe> listEmploye  = .map(Long::valueOf) .map(BigDecimal::valueOf) .map(this::findByIdPointage) .collect(Collectors.toList()); 


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