Importing an old project in updated Android version [closed]

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While Running or importing a project in newer version of Android Studio got the following error even after successfully built - Could not find

Searched in the following locations:   - file:/C:/Users/dimi1/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/m2repository/com/android/tools/build/aapt2/3.3.0-5013011/aapt2-3.3.0-5013011.pom   - file:/C:/Users/dimi1/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/m2repository/com/android/tools/build/aapt2/3.3.0-5013011/aapt2-3.3.0-5013011-windows.jar   - file:/C:/Users/dimi1/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/google/m2repository/com/android/tools/build/aapt2/3.3.0-5013011/aapt2-3.3.0-5013011.pom   - file:/C:/Users/dimi1/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/google/m2repository/com/android/tools/build/aapt2/3.3.0-5013011/aapt2-3.3.0-5013011-windows.jar   - file:/C:/Users/dimi1/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/android/m2repository/com/android/tools/build/aapt2/3.3.0-5013011/aapt2-3.3.0-5013011.pom   - file:/C:/Users/dimi1/AppData/Local/Android/Sdk/extras/android/m2repository/com/android/tools/build/aapt2/3.3.0-5013011/aapt2-3.3.0-5013011-windows.jar   -   - Required by:     project :app 

This is the error message I receive. I downloaded an older project and found solutions to the other error messages. Yet, how can I fix this problem/error message?


According to the directories, I believe it is a problem with the Android SDK. Try reinstalling Android Studio (but keep the project files), which will also reinstall the Android SDK with it. If that doesn't work, go to, scroll down to command-line tools only, and download the right version of the Android SDK based on your OS. Go through the install process and hopefully that should fix your issue.


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