Error updating app on Google play store after introducing new google policy

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I am trying to upload a new version of my app on play store and getting following error while uploading:-

You can't edit this app until you create a new app release declaring sensitive permissions 

I have tried removing CALL_PHONE permission that Google restricts in latest policy and my app does not contain any unadaptable data. But still getting same error.

If anyone faced the same issue. Please help me to resolve.

Thanks in Advance!!


If you are unable to submit a new version in any of the tracks, promote an older version from an Internal Track to Alpha or from Alpha to Beta or from Beta to Production. While doing this a Permission Declarations Form will show up querying Call Log and SMS permissions used in your app. Once you have submitted this form and promoted an older version, you will be able to submit new versions of the app in all the tracks.


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