What does [i,:] mean in Python?

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So I'm finished one part of this assignment I have to do. There's only one part of the assignment that doesn't make any sense to me.

I'm doing a LinearRegression model and according to others I need to apply ans[i,:] = y_poly at the very end, but I never got an answer as to why.

Can someone please explain to me what [i,:] means? I haven't found any explanations online.


It's specific to numpy module, used in most data science modules.

ans[i,:] = y_poly 

this is assigning a vector to a slice of numpy 2D array (slice assignment). Self-contained example:

>>> import numpy >>> a = numpy.array([[0,0,0],[1,1,1]]) >>> a[0,:] = [3,4,5] >>> a array([[3, 4, 5],        [1, 1, 1]]) 

There is also slice assignment in base python, using only one dimension (a[:] = [1,2,3])


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