Match the alphanumeric words(NOT NUMERIC-ONLY words) which have unique digits

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Using regular expression, I want to select only the words which:

  • are alphanumeric
  • do not contain only numbers
  • do not contain only alphabets
  • have unique numbers(1 or more)

I am not really good with the regex but so far, I have tried [^/d/s]*(/d+)(?!.*/1) which takes me nowhere close to the desired output :(

Here are the input strings:

I would like abc123 to match but not 123. ab12s should also match Only number-words like 1234 should not match Words containing same numbers like ab22s should not match 234 should not match hel1lo2haha3hoho4 hel1lo2haha3hoho3 

Expected Matches:

abc123 ab12s hel1lo2haha3hoho4 


You can use


Anchor the start and end of the pattern at word boundaries with /b, then:

  • (?=/d*[a-z]) - Lookahead for an alphabetical character somewhere in the word
  • (?=[a-z]*/d) - Lookahead for a digit somewhere in the word
  • (?:[a-z]|(/d)(?!/w*/1))+ Repeatedly match either:
    • [a-z] - Any alphabetical character, or
    • (/d)(?!/w*/1) - A digit which does not occur again in the same word


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