JS – How to dynamically split an array?

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I have an array of strings, sort of like this:

["x", "foo", "y", "bar", "baz", "z", "0"] 

And I need to split the array for every X, Y, and Z or other special keywords there are.

I've tried to split arrays with [x,y,z].split(y), but I'm pretty sure split() is only for strings.

The keywords (x, y, and z) have to be the first ones in the array. How can I do this?

This is what I'm trying to get:

[     ["x", "foo"],     ["y", "bar", "baz"],     ["z", "0"] ] 


You could take an array and a closure over the index for the key strings and push an empty array if a key is found.

var array = ["x", "foo", "y", "bar", "baz", "z", "0"],     keys = ["x", "y", "z"],     result = array.reduce((i => (r, s) => {         if (s === keys[i]) {             r.push([]);             i++;         }         r[r.length - 1].push(s);         return r;     })(0), []);  console.log(result);
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