what can i use instead of `case of` to reduce the code?

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fmap ( /eachSheet -> case (eachSheet ^. sProperties) of   Just sheetProperties -> case (sheetProperties ^. sTitle) of     Just sheets -> (sheetProperties ^. sSheetId)         Nothing -> Nothing   Nothing -> Nothing ) listOfSheets 

any better way to this then case matching

What you here bascially show is the use of a Maybe monad, so we can write it like:

fmap (/s -> (s ^. sProperties) >>= /sheetProperties -> (sheetProperties ^. sTitle) >> (sheetProperties ^. sSheetId)) listOfSheets 

Since a Maybe monad is defined as:

instance Monad Maybe where     return = Just     (>>=) Nothing _ = Nothing     (>>=) (Just x) f = f x 

Or we can write it in do notation, although that is basically the same:

fmap f listOfSheets     where f eachSheet = do         sheetProperties <- eachSheet ^. sProperties         sheets <- sheetProperties ^. sTitle         sheetProperties ^. sSheetId 


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