What does 'let x = x' do in Rust?

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I saw this code in the wild:

fields.sort_by_key(|&(_, ref field)| field.tags().into_iter().min().unwrap()); let fields = fields; 

What does the let fields = fields; line do? Why is it there?


It makes fields immutable again.

fields was previously defined as mutable (let mut fields = …;), to be used with sort_by_key which sorts in-place and requires the target to be mutable. The author has chosen here to explicitly prevent further mutability.

"Downgrading" a mutable binding to immutable is quite common in Rust.

Another common way to do this is to use a block expression:

let fields = {     let mut fields = …;     fields.sort_by_key(…);     fields }; 


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