Is there a C++ design pattern that implements a mechanism or mutex that controls the amount of time a thread can own a locked resource?

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I am looking for a way to guarantee that any time a thread locks a specific resource, it is forced to release that resource after a specific period of time (if it has not already released it). Envision a connection where you need to limit the amount of time any specific thread can own that connection for.

I envision this is how it could be used:

{     std::lock_guard<std::TimeLimitedMutex> lock(this->myTimeLimitedMutex, timeout);     try {         // perform some operation with the resource that myTimeLimitedMutex guards.      }     catch (MutexTimeoutException ex) {         // perform cleanup     } } 

I see that there is a timed_mutex that lets the program timeout if a lock cannot be acquired. I need the timeout to occur after the lock is acquired.

There are already some situations where you get a resource that can be taken away unexpectedly. For instance, a tcp sockets -- once a socket connection is made, code on each side needs to handle the case where the other side drops the connection.

I am looking for a pattern that handle types of resources that normally time out on their own, but when they don't, they need to be reset. This does not have to handle every type of resource.


This can't work, and it will never work. In other words, this can never be made. It goes against all concept of ownership and atomic transactions. Because when thread acquires the lock and implements two transactions in a row, it expects them to become atomically visible to outside word. In this scenario, it would be very possible that the transaction will be torn - first part of it will be performed, but the second will be not.

What's worse is that since the lock will be forcefully removed, the part-executed transaction will become visible to outside word, before the interrupted thread has any chance to roll-back.

This idea goes contrary to all school of multi-threaded thinking.


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