Is there a way for implicit conversion from double to std::array<double,1>?

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I have a template class like this:

template<int dimension> class Foo{   Foo(std::array<double, dimension>); } 

and a function

func(Foo<1> f); 

I would like to be able to call the function and the constructor like this:

func(1); Foo<1> f(1); 

instead of

func({1}); Foo<1> f({1}); 

Is there a nice way to achieve this?

If implicit conversion is not possible, can 1 add a constructor for the Foo<1> case only?


An implicit conversion for a double into a std::array<double, 1> is not possible. That would require overloading a conversion operator for double but that can't be done as you can't overload operators for built in types.

What you can do is add


constructor and then use a static_assert like

static_assert(dimension == 1, "single double constructor only works if dimension == 1"); 

in the body of the constructor to limit it to only work when the array has a size of 1. (I like using static_assert when I can because it lets you write a nice, descriptive, error message)

You should consider renaming dimension to size since that is what is specifying in the array.


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