Perl optimizer question: Will the perl compiler optimize away all of these temporary variables?

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I've got a pretty simple piece of arithmetic, but for readability and correctness, I've expanded it out into a bunch of temporary variables. It's easier to read, change, and examine partial pieces of the expression.

My question is, will this code take a run-time beating just because it's expanded? I don't know how the perl compiler works, but in 'C', or such, these extra (not quite) variables would be optimized right out of existence.

my $targetBasis = $$s{"basis"} * $nextBasisPct; my $dollarsHeld = $$s{"basis"} * $$s{"held"}; my $targetDollars = $dollarsHeld + $opt{"buyDollars"}; my $targetShares = $targetDollars / $targetBasis; my $newShares = $targetShares - $$s{"held"}; my $targetPrice = $opt{"buyDollars"} / $newShares; 



I just got done expanding this from a nasty looking one liner, only to find that it was correct. I'd rather not put it back to unreadable if there's no reason to do so.



The following The compiled version of the program

$ perl -MO=Concise,-exec 1  <0> enter 2  <;> nextstate(main 2 v:*,&,{,x*,x&,x$,$ 3  <0> padrange[$s:2,8; %opt:2,8; $targetBasis:2,8] vM/LVINTRO,range=3 4  <;> nextstate(main 3 v:*,&,{,x*,x&,x$,$ 5  <+> multideref($s->{"basis"}) sK/STRICT 6  <+> multideref($s->{"held"}) sK/STRICT 7  <2> multiply[t5] sK/2 8  <0> padsv[$dollarsHeld:3,8] sRM*/LVINTRO 9  <2> sassign vKS/2 a  <;> nextstate(main 4 v:*,&,{,x*,x&,x$,$ b  <0> padsv[$dollarsHeld:3,8] s c  <+> multideref($opt{"buyDollars"}) sK d  <2> add[t7] sK/2 e  <0> padsv[$targetDollars:4,8] sRM*/LVINTRO f  <2> sassign vKS/2 g  <;> nextstate(main 5 v:*,&,{,x*,x&,x$,$ h  <0> padsv[$targetDollars:4,8] s i  <0> padsv[$targetBasis:2,8] s j  <2> divide[t9] sK/2 k  <0> padsv[$targetShares:5,8] sRM*/LVINTRO l  <2> sassign vKS/2 m  <;> nextstate(main 6 v:*,&,{,x*,x&,x$,$ n  <0> padsv[$targetShares:5,8] s o  <+> multideref($s->{"held"}) sK/STRICT p  <2> subtract[t11] sK/2 q  <0> padsv[$newShares:6,8] sRM*/LVINTRO r  <2> sassign vKS/2 s  <;> nextstate(main 7 v:*,&,{,x*,x&,x$,$ t  <+> multideref($opt{"buyDollars"}) sK u  <0> padsv[$newShares:6,8] s v  <2> divide[t13] sK/2 w  <0> padsv[$targetPrice:7,8] sRM*/LVINTRO x  <2> sassign vKS/2 y  <@> leave[1 ref] vKP/REFC syntax OK 

Note that I prepended the following to the program first:

use strict; my ($s, %opt, $targetBasis); 

Optimizing the variables away would save copying a value into them, but copying a numerical scalar into another one is very cheap.

I would leave the code in its readable form. Readability is far more important than saving a few nanoseconds.


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