Use regex to rename keys of array of objects

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I have an array of objects. Each object has a lot of keys (more than 100) and some of these keys can have special chars that I would like to remove.

I try to do what I want in this way:

const result = => {   const keys = Object.keys(datum)   const replacedKeys = => {     const newKey = key.replace(/[.|&;$%@%"<>+]/g, '')   })   // ?? }) 

But I'm sure it's not the right way..


You could map new object with a new key and create a single object with Object.assign.

const result = => Object.assign(...Object     .keys(datum)     .map(key => ({ [key.replace(/[.|&;$%@%"<>+]/g, '')]: datum[key] })) )); 


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