What is the difference between .Create and .Create() in Delphi?

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I'm following along in Pawel Glowacki's Expert Delphi book. On page 98 he has the following onClick event handler:

procedure TFormFavJSON.btnReadDOMClick(Sender: TObject); var   favs: TFavorites; valRoot: TJSONValue;  objRoot: TJSONObject;   valFavs: TJSONValue;  arrFavs: TJSONArray; begin   favs := TFavorites.Create;   //   // Several lines of code omitted   //   favs.Free; end; 

However when I type .Cre and use the code completion Ctrl + Space the IDE completes the code with a set of empty parenthesis.

favs := TFavorites.Create(); 

So which of the following is the most correct?

  favs := TFavorites.Create;   favs := TFavorites.Create(); 


Makes no difference. Pascal allows either syntax. I prefer without parentheses when there is no need.


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