Print file in particular order in bash

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I have file with content:


First launch 1 RAM: +456ms Cache: +142ms (total +417ms)  First launch 2 Spec: +152ms Cache: +149ms (total +413ms)  First launch 3 RAM: +184ms Spec: +172ms Searchms: +131ms (total +385ms)  First launch 4 RAM: +149ms Searchms: +188ms 

In this file between every First launch, content can be different, it is not fixed ( for example: First launch 3 contain three elements while First launch 2 contents only 2 elements), so any number of content can be between the First launch pattern which is not known at the beginning.

Expected Output:

RAM  456 184 149 Cache 142 149   Spec 152 172 Searchms 131 188 

Due to not knowing exact approach,I have tried this code.

My code:

for i in {1..4} do awk "/First launch $i/{flag=1;next} /First launch $((i+1))/{flag=0} flag" file.txt> fl$i.txt sed -i 's//+//g' fl$i.txt sed -i 's/://g' fl$i.txt sed -i 's/(.*//g' fl$i.txt sed -i 's/ms//g' fl$i.txt awk '{print $1 "/t" $2}' fl$i.txt done 

My output has two issues: I am generating the file for each pattern which is wrong. Also I wanted to remove ms after the time but it also removes the ms from the pattern name (ex: Searchms to Search)


fl1.txt:      RAM     456     Cache   142 fl2.txt :      Spec    152     Cache   149 fl3.txt  :     RAM     184     Spec    152     Search  131 fl4.txt :      RAM     149     Search  188 

Please suggest me an approach to get the expected output without generating any extra file with the constraint of removing ms after the time.


$ cat tst.awk BEGIN { FS="[: ]+" } /:/ { vals[$1] = vals[$1] OFS $2+0 } END { for (key in vals) print key vals[key] }  $ awk -f tst.awk file Cache 142 149 RAM 456 184 149 Searchms 131 188 Spec 152 172 


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