Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/android/gms/internal/measurement/zzabn

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Since this morning I cannot build my Android app because I get this error

  • What went wrong: Execution failed for task ':app:transformDexArchiveWithDexMergerForDebug'. Multiple dex files define Lcom/google/android/gms/internal/measurement/zzabn;

I have tried bumping the Firebase versions accordingly to 15.0.2 but then I get an other error...

Task :app:processDebugGoogleServices Found, but version 15.0.2 is needed for the google-services plugin. is not even released yet?

I have a build to push to production, what is the best way to build the app?

Please update the google-service plugin to:

classpath '' 

to be able to use the latest version of Firebase and to avoid the errors.

Read the following for more information:

Compilation failed to complete:Program type already present:


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