Get all but first N arguments to a bash function

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I'm aware of how to get the last argument passed to a function but I'm wondering how to get all the arguments of a function after the first two:

For instance:

function custom_scp(){     PORT=$1     USER=$2     SOURCES=`ALL_OTHER_ARGS`     scp -P $PORT -r $SOURCES $ } 

So sending three files to the remote home directory would look like

$ custom_scp 8001 me ./ ./ ./ 


You can use array slice notation:

custom_scp() {     local port=$1     local user=$2     local sources=("${@:3}")      scp -P "$port" -r "${sources[@]}" "$" } 

Quoting from the Bash manual:


If parameter is @, the result is length positional parameters beginning at offset.


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