Does TempleOS 5.03 have After Egypt and other utilities? [on hold]

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I've seen a few videos where Terry runs "After Egypt" (the TempleOS utility, not the game). I don't see that in my version of Temple OS.

Was "After Egypt" removed from core Temple OS? Where are all the base utilities Terry uses in his videos (they are distributed as source code)? One of the most notable references of TempleOS here explicitly mentions "After Egypt" as being "within" (shipped with) the operating system.

It seems I'm missing a lot of these, of which "After Egypt" is the most notable. I would like to use these utilities as examples of Temple OS functionality, both as operating system capabilities and code-examples by the creator of the system, compiler, and tool chain.

All of the supplemental utilities are now on a special ISO and not a part of the core distribution. The TempleOS Supplemental discs are located at at the TempleOS Download site

AfterEgypt can be found on TOS_Supplemental1.ISO.C


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