Is there a more concise way to extract (n > i) elements from an array?

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I need a piece of code that is capable of taking an array of strings of length l, extracting all of the elements that are present after i, where i is a particular index less than l and then placing the extracted elements into a new array.

Essentially if we have the below:

["A", "B", "C", "D", "E", "F"]

In this instance l = 6 and if we take n = 3 then the code should create a new array

["D", "E", "F"]

I've written the code out to do this, but I can't help think there's a better, more concise way to go about it.

Here's what I have:

List<string> tempElements = new List<string>();  for (int i = startOfMessage; i < elements.Length; i++) {     tempElements.Add(elements[i]); }  string[] usableMessageElements = tempElements.ToArray(); 

A relatively simple problem, but I'm aiming to reduce as much junior code as I can.


It sounds like you just want to use Skip from LINQ:

string[] usableMessageElements = elements.Skip(startOfMessage).ToArray(); 


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