Match string unless starts and ends with character

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I'm trying to use a regex in JavaScript to decide if a message gets deleted. I want to delete the message if it contains "string" anywhere, unless it's surrounded by colons.

  • string - gets deleted
  • blah string - gets deleted
  • :string blah - gets deleted
  • :string: string - gets deleted
  • thing :string: - doesn't get deleted

I'm using JavaScript, and so far I'm using message.match(/string/i) to see if the message gets deleted. I've tried a negative lookahead, but I probably used it wrong.

EDIT: Sorry for not including this earlier, but :blahstring: and :stringblah: and :blahstringblah: should not be deleted as well.


There are some boundary cases where the colon appears only at one side of "string". Therefore I believe it is easier to remove all occurrences of ":string:" and only then look for a match of "string":

function deleteIt(msg) {     return /string/i.test(msg.replace(/:/w*string/w*(?=:)/ig, ":")); }  console.log(deleteIt("this is :string ")); // true console.log(deleteIt("this is string: ")); // true console.log(deleteIt("string:string: ")); // true console.log(deleteIt("this is :string: ")); // false console.log(deleteIt("this is :blastring:stringbla:string: ")); // false

The last test in the above snippet is a special case. The colon is "shared" by a preceding and following "string". Depending on whether you want such "string" occurrences to be ignored or not, you may need to replace the look-ahead with a normal capture of the second colon.


In your edit to the question, you say that ":blastring:" or ":stringbla:" should also not trigger a deletion.

So I added /w* twice in the regex above to align with that extra requirement.

If also punctuation or other non-alphabetical characters could be allowed between the colon and "string", like ":,-°string^0&:", just not white-space, then use /S* instead of /w*.


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