Using pandas to add list elements together

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I have the following array of dicts:

items = [  {     'FirstName': 'David',     'Language': ['en',] }, {     'FirstName': 'David',     'Language': ['fr',] },  {     'FirstName': 'David',     'Language': ['en',] }, {     'FirstName': 'Bob',     'Language': ['en',] } ] 

Which I want to group by on FirstName and add the unique languages together, like so:

items = [  {     'FirstName': 'David',     'Language': ['en', 'fr'] },  {     'FirstName': 'Bob',     'Language': ['en',] } ] 

The SQL I would use would be:

SELECT FirstName, GROUP_CONCAT(DISTINCT Language ORDER BY Language) FROM items GROUP BY FirstName 

Using pandas, how would I combine this and do a group by on FirstName and get an array of unique languages? Here is what I have so far:

>>> df = pandas.DataFrame(items) >>> df.groupby('FirstName')['Language']       .apply(lambda x: list(set(x))) # this line is off       .reset_index()       .to_dict(orient='records') 

Aggregate all with sum, transform values to set and then to_dict()

>>> df.groupby('FirstName').sum()["Language"].transform(set).reset_index().to_dict(orient='records')  [{'FirstName': 'Bob', 'Language': {'en'}},  {'FirstName': 'David', 'Language': {'en', 'fr'}}] 


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