What is ++== in Java?

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  1. Searched this site, found no reference.
  2. Test code:

    int[] test = {0, 1, 2, 3}; System.out.println("test1[3] ++== 0 is " + (test[3] ++== 0)); 
  3. Result:

test1[3] ++== 0 is false

So it must be some sort of logical operator but I have not been able to find any documentation. Searching the Internet yielded no reference.

Please help? Thanks in advance.


The way the text is presented looks like it would be a special case ++==, but in fact you should read it as follows:

test[3]++ == 0

Basically, the result of test[3]++ will be compared (i.e ==) with 0.

And this basically reads as (test[3]=3) == 0, which is false.

The ++ is a postfix operator which is shortcut for value = value + 1.

The == is a comparison between two values.

The text is just badly formatted, that's all.


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