KB4486563 broke Internet Explorer URLs

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Our product runs exclusively in Internet Explore -- yes I know -- I know ... The problem is that when the code was written the html looks like this

<img src="images/image.gif" alt="KB4486563 broke Internet Explorer URLs" WIDTH="72" HEIGHT="24"> 

Since this update we are now getting access denied in the vbscript/javascript code that tries to access the DOM -- or just the images not displaying at all

Does anyone know of a setting in IIS to allow this url to still work after this KB has been installed.

I know the work around is to change all the code to be correct with a forward slash.

I tried to add a registry setting to hoping that the problem was with: Adds top-level domain support to HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) Preload for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11. But that didn't help

Any ideas?


we had the same issue where IE showed an Access Denied error to the following line of javascript after installing KB4486563 for Windows 7 64-bit:

document.getElementById(textboxID).src = "images/yes.png"

After changing the backslashes to forward-slashes like this:

document.getElementById(textboxID).src = "./images/yes.png"

everything was working fine again.

So try to change the backslash to a forwardslash to see if that fixes it.


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