How to update list recursively

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I have a list of dicts:

a = [{'one': 1}, {'two': 2}, {'three': 3}, {'four': 4}, {'five': 5}] 

I want to update the value of each element in this list by the sum of all remainders. (so 'one' will get the value 2+3+4+5) .

so that it will look like this:

a = [{'one': 14}, {'two': 12}, {'three': 9}, {'four': 5}, {'five': 5}] 

'five' is the last, so it will not update .

Im not sure how to achieve this. Im thinking that you construct a function that will call itself recursivly something like:

def recursive(a):    if len(a) == 1:       return list(a[0].values())[0]     else:       val = list(a[0].values())[0]       return val + recursive(a.pop(0)) 

But Im not sure to do this list(a[0].values())[0] is the "best" way. And this is also getting a KeyError: 0.

Any ideas?


Iterative and in place solution

a = [{'one': 1}, {'two': 2}, {'three': 3}, {'four': 4}, {'five': 5}] sum_so_far = 0 first_flag = False for i in a[::-1]:     k,v = i.items()[0]   #For Python 3 k,v = list(i.items())[0]     sum_so_far += v     if first_flag:         i[k] = sum_so_far # do not change the value at first      first_flag=True 


[{'one': 15}, {'two': 14}, {'three': 12}, {'four': 9}, {'five': 5}] 


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