multiple null checks in Java8

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I have the below code which is bit ugly for multiple null checks.

String s = null;  if(str1 != null) {     s = str1; } else if(str2 != null) {     s=str2; }else if(str3 != null) {     s=str3; }else{     s = str4; } 

So I tried using Optional.ofNullable like below, but its still difficult to understand if someone reads my code. what is the best approach to do that in Java 8.

String s = Optional.ofNullable(str1)                    .orElse(Optional.ofNullable(str2)                                    .orElse(Optional.ofNullable(str3)                                                    .orElse(str4))); 

In Java 9, we can use Optional.ofNullablewith OR, But in Java8 is there any other approach ?


You may do it like so:

String s = Stream.of(str1, str2, str3)                  .filter(Objects::nonNull)                  .findFirst()                  .orElse(str4); 


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