How to find an element in a specified range in std::map?

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Is there an equivalent version of std::find(first, last) but for a std::map? I.e., is there a version of std::map's find method that searches for an element in a map, but restricting the search only to a specified [first, last) range? Ideally, the solution should be logarithmic in the size of [first, last).

From what I've seen, std::map::find itself doesn't support this functionality (it always searches the whole map).


You can use std::lower_bound, std::upper_bound or std::equal_range for that as std::map iterators and data in the map satisfy the requirement for those functions, though you should be aware that it will be less efficient than std::map::find() due to linear iterator increments.

From std::lower_bound documentation

The number of comparisons performed is logarithmic in the distance between first and last (At most log 2(last - first) + O(1) comparisons). However, for non-LegacyRandomAccessIterators, the number of iterator increments is linear.

emphasis is mine.


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