React-hot-loader: react-🔥-dom patch is not detected

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I updated some npm packages in my Gatsby project and now I'm seeing this warning in console:

React-hot-loader: react-🔥-dom patch is not detected. React 16.6+ features may not work.

However, when I look into the source code, there is a comment:

// Actually everything works...

What does this warning actually mean? Is this something I should fix or just let it be?


Per my comment above, it's looking like react-hot-loader wants the @hot-loader/react-dom package instead of standard react-dom:

Personally I'm a little concerned with swapping that out though since react-dom is a core part of any react-based application. Also it seems based on some of the linked issues and code comments that maybe this is just a short-term workaround to support new react features like hooks.

So I guess there's two options:

  • Wait a little longer to see if they drop that requirement (and maybe deal run into a few edge cases for hot loading).
  • Follow the instructions to get rid of the warning.


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