Promise.all returning empty objects

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I'm trying to get multiple data objects from The Movie Database at once using Promise.all. After I loop through all the results of the fetch call, and use .json() on each bit of data, I tried to log it to the console. However, rather than an array of objects with data, I'm getting an array of Promises. Nested in the promises, I can see my data, but I'm clearly missing a step in order to have an array of data objects, instead of just Promises.

What am I missing here?

 //store movie API URLs into meaningful variables     const trending = `${API_KEY}`;     const topRated = `${API_KEY}&language=en-US&page=1`;     const nowPlaying = `${API_KEY}&language=en-US&page=1`;     const upcoming = `${API_KEY}&language=en-US&page=1`;     //create an array of urls to fetch data from     const allMovieURLs = [trending, topRated, nowPlaying, upcoming];     const promiseURLs = => fetch(url));     Promise.all(promiseURLs)       .then(responses => => url.json()))       .then(dataArr => console.log(dataArr));   }; 


Your .then(responses => => url.json())) resolves to an array of Promises, so you need to call Promise.all again if you want to wait for all to resolve:

Promise.all(promiseURLs)   .then(responses => Promise.all( => url.json())))   .then(dataArr => console.log(dataArr)); 

Or, you might consider using just one Promise.all, and having each URL fetch and the json, that way some items aren't idle in the middle of script execution:

const allMovieURLs = [trending, topRated, nowPlaying, upcoming]; const promiseURLs = => fetch(url).then(res => res.json())); Promise.all(promiseURLs)   .then(dataArr => console.log(dataArr)); 


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