Using perl system() query with spaces in path variable

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I seem to be stuck here. I want to send a system request from my script to another server via SSH, checking if a folder there exists. A folder path is passed from another script, stored in a variable and might have a space character in it. Since I couldn't replace the space with another character, to avoid a "not found" on folder like "foo bar", I need to pass something like ls '/folderpath/foo bar' to other server's shell. Sample code looks like this:

$cmd = 'ssh -i id_pub $ssh_addr ls $remote_dir';  if (system($cmd) == 0) { do something } 

I've exhausted all possible options - tired to escape the possible space with / before passing it to the command, tried to pass it with ' ', " ", inside and adding both before passing it into $cmd. But I always end up with something like this:

ls /folderpath/foo// bar or ls /' /folderpath/foo bar/' 

but not ls '/folderpath/foo bar'

I'm not that good with Perl, possible someone more experienced can recommend a workaround?


OK you have several possibilities for shell expansion with the way you are doing this.

Firstly is using system() with a string. This will break all your paths on the space characters. you can solve this by using system as a list

system('ssh', '-i', 'id_pub', $ssh_addr, 'ls', $remote_dir) 

Now we still have a problem as ssh will run the remote code on the remote server in a shell with shell expansion which will break the path on spaces again

So you need to put $remote_dir inside ' characters to stop the remote shell from breaking up the path: giving

system('ssh', '-i', 'id_pub', $ssh_addr, 'ls', "'$remote_dir'") 

Hope this helps/works

Note that as the commenters below have said this makes the assumption that $remote_dir has no ' characters in it. You need to be either escaping or parsing $remote_dir to ensure that you don't get a path that looks like /file.txt'; rm -rf / # which will attempt to remove every file on the remote system


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