Why is adding weeks to java.time.Instant not supported?

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The following piece of code:

Instant inFourWeeks = Instant.now().plus(4L, ChronoUnit.WEEKS); 

Throws an exception:

java.time.temporal.UnsupportedTemporalTypeException: Unsupported unit: Weeks 

Why are weeks unsupported? I understand why months and years are not supported, because their duration in smaller units may vary. But a week has constant duration (7 days) and I can achieve the same by writing:

Instant inFourWeeks = Instant.now().plus(4L * 7L, ChronoUnit.DAYS); 


It throws UnsupportedTemporalTypeException 7 days week is not universal and constant. It may vary of different calendar system. For example, look on the Akan calendar system which uses 6 days a week.


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