Add delimiters at specific indexes

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I want to add a delimiter in some indexes for each line of a file.

I have a file with data:

10100100010000 20200200020000 

And I know the offset of each column (2, 5 and 9)

With this sed command: sed 's//(./{2/}/)/&,/;s//(./{6/}/)/&,/;s//(./{11/}/)/&,/' myFile

I get the expected output:

10,100,1000,10000  20,200,2000,20000 

but with a large number of columns (~200) and rows (300k) is really slow.

Is there an efficient alternative?


1st solution: With GNU awk could you please try following.

awk -v OFS="," '{$1=$1}1' FIELDWIDTHS="2 3 4 5"  Input_file 

2nd Solution: Using sed try following.

sed 's//(../)/(.../)/(..../)/(...../)//1,/2,/3,/4/' Input_file 

3rd solution: awk solution using substr.

awk 'BEGIN{OFS=","} {print substr($0,1,2) OFS substr($0,3,3) OFS substr($0,6,4) OFS substr($0,10,5)}' Input_file 

In above substr solution, I have taken 5 digits/characters in substr($0,10,5) in case you want to take all characters/digits etc starting from 10th position use substr($0,10) which will take rest of all line's characters/digits here to print.

Output will be as follows.

10,100,1000,10000 20,200,2000,20000 


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