Accumulate values to a list

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I'd like to create a list depending on the results of some functions. In Java (my background), I'd do something like:

List<String> messages = ...  if(condition 1)    messages.add(message 1);  if(condition 2)    messages.add(message 2);  ...  if(condition N)    messages.add(message N); 

In clojure, I think I'll need to create a list using let like the following (just dummy example):

(let [result   (vec     (if (= 1 1) "message1" "message2")     (if (= 1 0) "message3" "message4"))] result) 

I've also checked cond but I need to be appending the elements to the list considering all the validations (and cond breaks after one condition is satisfied).

Which way should I follow to achieve this?


If you want them to be conditionally added like in the Java example, you could use cond->, which does not short circuit:

(let [messages []]   (cond-> messages ; Conditionally thread through conj     (= 1 1) (conj "Message1")     (= 0 1) (conj "Message2")     (= 0 0) (conj "Message3")))  => ["Message1" "Message3"] 

If you want to conditionally add one or the other like your second example suggests however, you could just use plain conj with some if expressions:

(let [messages []]   (conj messages     (if (= 1 1) "Message1" "Message2")     (if (= 0 1) "Message3" "Message4")))  => ["Message1" "Message4"] 

And I'll note that your original attempt almost worked. Instead of vec, you could have used vector, or just a vector literal:

(let [messages [(if (= 1 1) "Message1" "Message2")                 (if (= 1 0) "Message3" "Message4")]]   messages)  => ["Message1" "Message4"] 

Although, this is would only be beneficial if you didn't already have a messages populated that you wanted to add to. If that was the case, you'd have to use concat or into:

(let [old-messages ["old stuff"]       messages [(if (= 1 1) "Message1" "Message2")                 (if (= 1 0) "Message3" "Message4")]]   (into old-messages messages))  => ["old stuff" "Message1" "Message4"] 


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