Mongoose model not updated in findOneAndUpdate

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I have a POST route in an express app that aims to update a mongoose document based on submitted form input. The "Base" model is Profile, and I have two discriminator models Helper and Finder that conditionally add fields to the Profile schema.

Thus, req.body.profile will contain different fields depending on the discriminator it's associated with, but will always contain the fields (username, email city, accountType) present in the "base" model, Profile.

Before I send my PUT request, an example of a document in Profile looks like this:

{ jobTitle: '',   lastPosition: '',   email: '',   city: '',   accountType: 'helper',   _id: 5c77883d8db04c921db5f635,   username: 'here2help',   __v: 0 } 

This looks good to me, and suggests that the model is being created as I want (with base fields from Profile, and those associated with the Helper model - see below for models).

My POST route then looks like this:

router.put("/profile/:id", middleware.checkProfileOwnership, function(req, res){      console.log(req.body.profile);      Profile.findOneAndUpdate(, req.body.profile, function(err, updatedProfile){          if(err){             console.log(err.message);             res.redirect("/profile");         } else {             console.log(updatedProfile);             res.redirect("/profile/" +;         }      }); }); 

The information I receive from the form (console.log(req.body.profile)) is what I expect to see:

{ accountType: 'helper',   username: 'here2help',   email: '',   city: 'New York',   jobTitle: 'CEO',   lastPosition: 'sales rep'} 

And after the Profile.findOneAndUpdate():


{ jobTitle: '',   lastPosition: '',   email: '',   city: 'New York',   accountType: 'helper',   _id: 5c77883d8db04c921db5f635,   username: 'here2help',   __v: 0 } 

So, the fields that are defined in my 'Base' model (ie those defined in ProfileSchema - see below) are being updated, but those that are in my discriminators are not - (see below and my related question).

The updated information is clearly present in req, but is not propagated to the Profile model - How can this be?

I've also tried using findByIdAndUpdate but I get the same result.

Here is are the Schemas I'm defining:

Profile - my "base" schema:

var mongoose = require("mongoose"); var passportLocalMongoose = require("passport-local-mongoose");  var profileSchema = new mongoose.Schema({      username: String,     complete: { type: Boolean, default: false },     email: { type: String, default: "" },     city: { type: String, default: "" } }, { discriminatorKey: 'accountType' });  profileSchema.plugin(passportLocalMongoose);  module.exports = mongoose.model("Profile", profileSchema); 


var Profile = require('./profile');  var Finder = Profile.discriminator('finder', new mongoose.Schema({     position: { type: String, default: "" },     skills: Array }));  module.exports = mongoose.model("Finder"); 


var Profile = require('./profile');  var Helper = Profile.discriminator('helper', new mongoose.Schema({     jobTitle: { type: String, default: "" },     lastPosition: { type: String, default: "" } }));  module.exports = mongoose.model("Helper"); 

This is my first attempt at using discriminators in mongoose, so it's more than possible that I am setting them up incorrectly, and that this is the root of the problem.

Please let me know if this is unclear, or I need to add more information.


It matters what schema you use to query database

Discriminators build the mongo queries based on the object you use. For instance, If you enable debugging on mongo using mongoose.set('debug', true) and run Profile.findOneAndUpdate() you should see something like:

Mongoose: profiles.findAndModify({   _id: ObjectId("5c78519e61f4b69da677a87a") }, [], {   '$set': {     email: '',     city: 'New York',     accountType: 'helper',     username: 'User NAme', __v: 0 } }, { new: true, upsert: false, remove: false, projection: {} }) 

Notice it uses only the fields defined in Profile schema.

If you use Helper, you would get something like:

profiles.findAndModify({   accountType: 'helper',   _id: ObjectId("5c78519e61f4b69da677a87a") }, [], {   '$set': {     jobTitle: 'CTO',     email: '',     city: 'New York',     accountType: 'helper ',      username: 'User Name', __v: 0 } }, { new: true, upsert: false, remove: false, projection: {} }) 

Notice it adds the discriminator field in the filter criteria, this is documented:

Discriminator models are special; they attach the discriminator key to queries. In other words, find(), count(), aggregate(), etc. are smart enough to account for discriminators.

So what you need to do when updating is to use the discriminator field in order to know which Schema to use when calling update statement:

app.put("/profile/:id", function(req, res){ console.log(req.body);  if(ObjectId.isValid( {    switch(req.body.accountType) {     case 'helper':     schema = Helper;     break;     case 'finder':     schema = Finder;     break;     default:     schema = Profile;   }          schema.findOneAndUpdate({ _id: }, { $set : req.body }, { new: true, upsert: false, remove: {}, fields: {} }, function(err, updatedProfile){       if(err){           console.log(err);           res.json(err);       } else {           console.log(updatedProfile);           res.json(updatedProfile);       }    }); } else {   res.json({ error: "Invalid ObjectId"}); } }); 

Notice, above is not necessary when creating a new document, in that scenario mongoose is able to determine which discriminator to use.

You cannot update discriminator field

Above behavior has a side effect, you cannot update the discriminator field because it will not find the record. In this scenario, you would need to access the collection directly and update the document, as well as define what would happen with the fields that belong to the other discriminator.

db.profile.findOneAndUpdate({ _id: }, { $set : req.body }, { new: true, upsert: false, remove: {}, fields: {} }, function(err, updatedProfile){               if(err) {                 res.json(err);               } else {                 console.log(updatedProfile);                 res.json(updatedProfile);                     }           }); 


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